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FPV Cinematic Compilation – Relaxation Drone Film

enero 1, 2022

00:00 Low Cinematic FPV flight in one of the most beautiful Galicia’s beaches

01:58 FPV Cinematic flight over the highest dune in Europe

02:55 More Long Range FPV views of that beautiful beach

05:02 Infinite line over the river (infinite FPV Drone Long Range?)

06:18 Going up and down the canyon

06:59 Low Cinematic FPV flight over water in the Toja’s Island

10:29 Cinematic FPV Drone Flying in the moon… 😀

13:28 Low FPV Drone flight over water and between boats in one of my favourites places

15:31 Afternoon FPV Drone flight in the Areas Gordas Beach – Lapa’s Island

16:32 Freenematic FPV Flight in the Galicia’s Coast

18:53 One of the biggest swell ever seen in the Lanzada’s Beach filmed from the FPV Drone.

21:35 Long Range FPV Flight Going up and down the Siradella’s Balcony

23:34 Flying FPV Drone between clouds

25:33 Epic Cinematic Sunset with Fisher boat working

26:05 Flying FPV Drone over slope and a nude beach (without people :D)

27:13 Sunset FPV flight in the hillside

28:47 Epic FPV Sunset in the Montalvo’s Beach

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